Joe Satriani & Steve Vai at Orpheum Theatre Boston

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai

It’s already remarkable that you get a guitar virtuoso in one show, but can you imagine getting two?! Yes, it’s true! Legendary guitar players Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are joining forces to deliver the Satch/Vai Tour! Anticipate the most outstanding tandem as it makes its way across the U.S. this spring! The Satch/Vai Tour is slated to celebrate 50 years of friendship with Satriani and Vai, as well as promote their incredible musical collaboration! Lucky fans in Boston will get a chance to see this astonishing partnership as the Satch/Vai Tour drops by the Orpheum Theatre! On Friday, 5th April 2024, guitar fanatics can look forward to a plethora of incredible hits, outrageous guitar solos, and many more surprises! It’s the co-headlining outing of your guitar enthusiast dreams, and it’s happening this spring! Hurry and secure tickets now to see Joe Satriani and Steve Vai at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston!

Whoever thought of putting together two of the most outstanding guitar players in the world better get a raise! This co-headlining trek is just out of this world! Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have consistently changed the guitar-playing game since their emergence, and their influences on the music scene and fans have played a significant role in the next generation of guitar players. Together, these two virtuosos are slated to celebrate their friendship with a monster tour! In a statement, Joe Satriani couldn’t contain his excitement, "The Satch/Vai tour is happening! I'm so looking forward to sharing the stage with Steve again. Every time we play together, it takes me back to when we were teenagers, eating and breathing music every second of the day, pushing, challenging, and helping each other to be the best we could be. I guess we've never stopped!"

Meanwhile, Vai is also mighty pumped for this upcoming tour. "Touring with Joe is always a pleasure and an honor. He is my favorite guitarist to jam with, and now we have another opportunity to take it to the stage. I feel as though we are both at the top of our game and that the show will be a powerful celebration of the coolest instrument in the world, the electric guitar!"

This extraordinary friendship stemmed from Joe Satriani being one of Steve Vai’s most influential mentors. “I started taking lessons. And my lessons with Joe were all that mattered to me,” he mentioned. “Joe was always so cool. He was always sold, sharing, and strict. And it was the best thing because he was great, and that’s what you want in a teacher; you’re inspired by seeing.”

Satriani has mentored countless guitar players, many of whom have turned out to be fantastic artists like Vai. Some of his more well-known students include Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, Testament’s former guitarist Alex Skolnick, Andy Timmons, and Larry LaLonde.

Kicking off this March, the Satch/Vai Tour is slated to visit over 30 major cities in the U.S. Fans can look forward to incredible career-spanning hits, extended jams, guitar solos, and sensational covers. These two guitar players are also set to release a highly-anticipated collaboration. This 2024, fans will get to witness these two performers' amazing artistry and excellent musicianhip. On top of their out-of-this-world talents, both Satriani and Vai have always been known for their superb stage presence. It’s guaranteed to be the guitar show of a lifetime!

Catch the Satch/Vai Tour this Friday, 5th April 2024, at the Orpheum Theatre Boston! Grab your tickets now before they’re gone!

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai at Orpheum Theatre

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