The following rules have been put the following rules in place to ensure that all attendees can enjoy a fun and safe experience at the Orpheum Theatre, please read below for details:

Prohibited items; No animals are allowed apart form official designated animals for those who need assistance. There are strictly no weapons, glass bottles, cans, laser pointers or firearms allowed inside the venue. Anyone carrying any of these may be asked to leave.

Refunds and re-entry: You may re-enter a show during intermission only. Refunds however are NOT allowed, this includes ticket swaps with others.

Cameras and electronic devices: The rules for camera’s depend on the type of event as some performers do not allow them. The general rule is that small disposable and digital camera’s are usually allowed. But no professional equipment. For more details, see available signs on the day. Regarding cell phones, please keep the use to a bare minimum as it may disrupt the performance.