The Orpheum Theatre is easy to locate as it is situated in Downtown, Boston.

If you are planning to drive to the venue please be aware that there is no onsite parking available, however as you will notice, this is a busy area of the city and therefore has plenty of options to offer.

To find out which route you need to take, locate the venue on map:
1 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108.

If you require a local parking garage to leave your vehicle during your visit, see below at the recommended list.

Here are the closest 5 parking lots to the Orpheum Theatre:

  1. Union Club Valet located at number 8 Park Street (0.08 miles away)
  2. NO.9 Park Valet at number 9 Park street (0.09 miles)
  3. 33 Arch Street Garage at number 33 Arch Street (0.18 miles)
  4. Pi Alley Garage at 275 Washington Street (0.19 miles)
  5. Center Plaza Garage located at 75 Somerset Street (0.25 miles)