R&B Money Tour: Tank & Keri Hilson at Orpheum Theatre Boston

R&B Money Tour Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts

R&B Money Tour

In 2022, the legendary TANK announced that his album - R&B Money - would be his last, indicating his retirement. His devoted fans were in shock but anticipated the release of said album with bittersweet excitement.

WELL, GUESS WHAT! It’s confirmed!

Tank is going on his R&B Money Tour!

You must be so shocked, huh? Wait! There’s more!

KERI HILSON and CARL THOMAS are joining him on tour!

They’re making a stop at Orpheum Theatre Boston in Massachusetts on May 30, 2024, Thursday!

Definitely, this is the start of a new chapter of Tank’s career and it is also the very first tour of these three legends together!

It’s no surprise that during the pre-selling of the tickets, fans everywhere were already panicking as they wanted to secure the chance to watch these three R&B superstars conquer the stage!

That means the show is almost sold out! What are you waiting for? Click the GET TICKETS button already and don’t miss out on a chill, soulful, and memorable night!

R&B singer Tank is gearing up for another tour. Retirement who?! On May 10, the singer, songwriter, and producer will begin his R&B Money Tour in New Orleans. Fellow hitmakers Keri Hilson ("Turnin Me On" starring Lil Wayne, "Pretty Girl Rock") and Carl Thomas ("I Wish," "Emotional") will accompany him on the tour's 25-city schedule.

“The R&B Money Tour will be a movie!” Tank tells Billboard. “I can’t wait to celebrate with the fans and take them on this musical journey with two amazing artists, Keri Hilson and Carl Thomas. We will make a lot of memories on this tour.”

Hot on the heels of Tank's latest single, "Before We Get Started" featuring Fabolous, comes the exciting announcement of his upcoming tour! Released through Tank's own R&B Money label and Atlantic Records, this contemporary R&B track, tinged with nostalgia, is making waves. Penned by Dirk Pate and produced by Bizness Boi and Derelle Rideout, "Before We Get Started" is a testament to Tank's enduring talent and musical prowess.

The accompanying video, described as a "vibrant homage to the genre's rich aesthetic and enduring allure," is set to elevate the song to new heights. Directed by Taj & Dre, the visuals promise to captivate audiences and further solidify Tank's status as a true icon of R&B. “Think of ‘Before We Get Started’ as a contemporary classic, capturing the spirit of 2024 while paying homage to the magic of ’90s R&B,” Tank explained in an interview with Billboard. “The fusion with hip-hop creates a timeless musical experience, reminiscent of the authentic vibes from that era.”

Well, it looks like Tank has had enough of "retirement" as he initially announced last year because he's back and wanting more. When he goes on tour this year, you better catch it live. It's a blessing that other R&B legends are joining him for this and you can't miss it!! If you don't have tickets for the show in New York City yet, hurry up and secure them right now!

R&B Money Tour at Orpheum Theatre

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