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Orpheum Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts

Epik High

Pump up your fall season up with some epic tunes featuring the rip-roaring K hip-hop trio Epik High!
These are not your ordinary rappers - they’re pretty much hip-hop titans that shaped the Korean music circuit to what it is today! This 2024, Epik High enters its 21st year in the business and to celebrate this hella awesome milestone, the rap powerhouse launches The Pump Tour, a 20 city rager which includes a coveted stop at the Orpheum Theatre Boston! Experience gargantuan energy as the trio serves sublime hits like “Can You Hear My Heart,” “Rosario,” “Rain Song,” and more on Friday 20th September 2024! This K-hip-hop spectacle will surely blow you away with the trio’s sick rhymes and ultra infectious energy! If you’ve been following Epik High since their rookie days, you’d know how awesone this exhilarating outing is and it’s about to bring some thrilling showdown that only the trio can deliver! So bring on The Pump and secure your access early!

So check it out – Korean rap vets Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz are back and they’re bringing some intensive smashers! See the trio as they hit the road in the U.S. They’re currently celebrating reaching their 20th anniversary milestone and they’re also here to answer the demands of their re-energized fandom. Last year, Epik High delivered a monster, stadium size bonanza in Seoul, Korea, followed by special screenings of their 20 the Movie film across the globe. It’s only logical to breathe life anew and start fresh and this can only be accomplished when Epik High meets face to face with their fans. The trio also released a new mixtape, Screentime - a brilliant work that according to Tablo, should be listened from start to finish for listeners to truly absorb the record’s intention.

So how about it? If you have a taste for hip-hop music- Korea style, you should definitely check this one out. Not only is Epik High a brilliant live music trip but their music holds monumental significance. The Korean rap trio has basically inspired the entire K-pop industry. Yes, we are not kidding that there will be no BTS if this illustrious group didn’t exist. For starters, their debut album was an awesome body of work that dropped titles like “Get High,” “I Remember,” and “Love Song.”

Following this brilliant debut, Epik High released several more influential singles like “Fly,” a smashing hit that had been covered by numerous Korean groups, including BTS. In 2012, the trio was no longer just an enigma in the underground rap scene. Epik High started gaining phenomenal traction and achieved commercial success with hits like “It’s Cold,” “Up,” “Born Hater,” “Love Drunk,” and tons more!

Don’t miss this highly anticipated K-hip-hop rager! The Orpheum Theatre Boston is guaranteed to get lit with fantastic smashers from this rip-roaring trio! The show on Friday 20th September 2024 will surely bring some classics, epic new tunes, and ultimate crowd pleasing titles! You definitely won’t be disappointed! Hurry and secure your access early! It’s been a while since fans saw this trio tear up the big stage in the U.S.! So quickly hit that Get Tickets link now before you it’s too late!

Epik High at Orpheum Theatre

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