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Orpheum Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts

Johnny Marr

One monster outing, two legendary English acts – it’s not going to get any better than this! Fall meets an exhilarating run of shows featuring Johnny Marr, popularly known for his work with The Smiths and James! This co-headlining bonanza brings forth these two astounding artists that conquered the ‘80s post punk era! This retro revival showdown is slated to conquer the Orpheum Theatre Boston for a one-night rock riot! On Thursday 10th October 2024, Johnny Marr and James will serve their fire catalogs, comprising phenomenal hits! Johnny Marr will serve numerous solo works plus sensational covers of The Smith’s biggest hits! Meanwhile, James will go through their brilliant studio efforts that pretty much turned made waves across three decades! It has been over three decades since Marr and James have teamed up together on a major outing like this! So if you’re up for some post punk revival showdown this fall, you should quickly secure your access now before it’s too late!

Whip out your leather jacket and boots because the cool kids are back! The illustrious Johnny Marr teams up with the legendary James for the first time in almost four years! The last time they were together, Marr’s band The Smiths brought in James and traversed the world together for the Meat is Murder Tour! Now, we’ve got another history in the making. The enigma of the post punk era, Johnny Marr, famously played guitar and co-wrote songs for The Smiths. After the band’s dissolution in the late ‘80s Marr pursued his own commercially successful solo career.

Since 2013, Marr has gifted fans with his astounding solo work. First he made waves with his debut work The Messenger. Today, he has belted out a total of four magnificent bodies of works – all being reminiscent of the original The Smiths sound but also encompasses Marr’s own influences. Experience Marr’s remarkable work as he fills up Orpheum Theatre Boston with his brilliant titles. Marr has dropped some of the most highly regarded rock staples, such as “Easy Money,” “Somewhere,” “Generate! Generate!” and more. Aside from his solo works, Marr has been known to also perform some renowned The Smith smashers like “How Soon Is Now?” “This Charming Man,” and “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

As if this showdown wasn’t cool enough already, Marr will be co-headlining this bonanza with equally legendary English outfit, James. The trailblazing indie pop band has been rocking out since 1986. They’ve continuously belted amazing music for almost four decades, with their latest masterpiece being their latest album Yummy. With a vast catalog, James will turn up the stage with 18 albums’ worth of hits! Yes, the band has collected quite a playlist and all their tracks are terrific and danceable bops. Aside from upbeat numbers, James will also serve some sing along fire anthems that will truly make this evening memorable!

Bring on the pop rock and post punk hits this fall! Legendary acts Johnny Marr and James will show Americans just how hard the British can rock out! Hurry and secure passes now and jump on the retro revival craze this fall!

Johnny Marr at Orpheum Theatre

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