W.a.s.p.: One Album Alive World Tour at Orpheum Theatre Boston

W.a.s.p. Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, pull in - shock-rockers W.A.S.P. are bringing the mightiest, most anticipated metal show on earth, the Album One Alive World Tour, to the Orpheum Theatre Boston on 15 November 2024!

They’re bigger and badder than ever; they're metal at its most ludicrous, most lewd, and most outrageously fun!

W.A.S.P. is hitting the road with the 40th anniversary celebration of their self-titled classic metal debut album for the first time in 40 years, playing the epic music that shaped their career from top to bottom, start to finish! The rampant celebration of former glories promises to suck in the crowd with classic bangers such as “I Wanna Be Somebody”, “The Flame”, and “Sleeping (In The Fire)” brought to life one more time... one last time… Album One Alive!

Tickets are on sale from only $57, and the sold-out signs are about to go on. Don’t wait – get your tickets to a killer of a show that’s not to be missed!

“It was an angry record made by an angry band. It was a record that not only reflected the attitude of the band members who made it, but also a record that reflected its time.”

Iconic frontman Blackie Lawless has it right: W.A.S.P.’s self-titled album is one of the best metal debut albums of all time. It’s even better when the acclaimed album is brought to life, live on stage. The spectacle is the ultimate; the music is loud; the fantastic riffs and shredding razor-sharp; the basslines thumping; the drums pounded to an inch of its life; the unmistakeable vocals cutting and raw, as though Blackie Lawless' voice hasn’t aged a single day since 1984.

Whether Blackie Lawless is riding on the back of a skeleton, setting the stage alight with their quintessential raw and real W.A.S.P.-sound, or involving a monstrous mic-stand named Elvis, it is undeniable: when W.A.S.P. introduced their unique blend of music and theatrics to a world that wasn’t expecting it, they built a solid army of loyal fans. W.A.S.P. has sold over 12 million records globally, with their first two studio albums, W.A.S.P. and “The Last Command”, being certified gold.

W.A.S.P. is out in full force and will be supported by American thrash metal band Death Angel and Unto Others. Death Angel is one of the leaders of the second wave of thrash metal from the 1980s. With their 2019 album, “Humanicide," which received a Grammy Award nomination, they have cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Portland, goth-metal band Unto Others smashed into the metal scene with bangers such as “Give Me To The Night” and “Heroin”.

The oldest theatre in Boston, the Orpheum, is ready for volume and velocity as only W.A.S.P. can deliver. The 2,700-seat historical venue offers an intimate experience with seating on different levels – every seat is a good seat! Album One Alive is a show for the books, with that post-show buzz that lasts for weeks guaranteed!

W.a.s.p. at Orpheum Theatre

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